Arthroplasty is a surgery that strives to restore the patient’s activity to their pre-disease state. It is a surgical procedure that helps in healing the functions of a joint and can be restored by resurfacing the bones. It is significant to note that an artificial joint called a prosthesis may also be used. There is a major advancement in an individual’s joint pain, their quality of life and their ability to carry on with the daily routine. 

The Arthroplasty team in Spot Hospital is spearheaded by Dr.Siddharth Ramesh Babu who follows an effective Rapid Recovery protocol which ensures that the patient returns to their daily routine in quick time. Dr. Siddharth Ramesh Babu is one of the best Ortho Doctors in Chennai and considers his patient’s hospitality is very important. A very able Pain management team follows a Multimodal Pain control regime to keep the patients’ Pain tolerant after surgery. The surgeries performed under this unit are total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, total hip replacement, and bipolar arthroplasty.