Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that helps people in maximizing and maintaining their overall health, strength, and function. They have complete analysis of the body and possess clinical skills to treat symptoms of illness and injury. Physiotherapy includes prevention of injury, rehabilitation, and advancement of fitness.

Orthopaedicians and Physical Therapists work hand in hand in the management of any bone or joint condition. The physiotherapy team at Spot Hospital consists of 6 senior physiotherapists. The HOD of the physiotherapy department is Mr.Senthil who has loads of experience in this field.  The modalities of treatment available at SPOT hospital are Traction, Interferential therapy, Nerve Stimulation, Short wave diathermy, and Ultrasound therapy. Our Physiotherapy team is highly specialized in Rehabilitation and Geriatric care as well. It is very significant to mention about our team’s ability to provide adequate guidance to patients like postural advice, lifestyle modifications, appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises.