X Anniversary of SPOT Hospital & CME at Hotel Green Park Chennai

SPOT Hospital conducted its CME on  ” Management of complex fractures – An update” on 14th September 2014 at Hotel Green Park, Vadapalani ,Chennai  as part of 10th Anniversary Celebrations. Three live surgeries were performed at SPOT Hospital and the same was shown live to the orthopaedic consultants and post graduates at Hotel Green Park where they interacted with the surgeon during the surgery and benefited by it.

I Surgery – Zimmer Natural Cephalo medullary  nailing was done by Dr. Ramesh Babu and team and interacted by Prof. Nazeer Ahmed and Dr. Thirunarayanan

II Surgery – Internal fixation of fracture Acetabulum was performed by Prof. Govardhan and Team and interacted by Dr. Ravikumar and Prof. Anbalagan.

III Surgery – Internal fixation of tibia by Dr. Dheenadhayalan and team and interacted by Prof. Balachandran and Prof. Mohana kumar

Workshop – Hands on Workshop on Cephalo Medullary nailing was conducted by Dr. Karuppusamy, Dr. Ramprasad, Dr. Sukumaran and Dr. Ramnarayan.

There were excellent paper presentations by stalwarts in the field and it was literally an Orthopaedic feast to the Post graduates and budding Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Here are few photos for your benefit.

X Anniversary of SPOT Hospital & CME at Hotel Green Park Chennai

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